PewDiePie explains why he hates Twitter before deleting his account

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YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg abruptly deleted his Twitter account on December 16 after uploading a video explaining why the social media platform has become a “cesspool.”

Fresh off his announcement that he would be taking a break from YouTube in 2020, PewDiePie uploaded a video essay harshly criticizing Twitter, and then deleted his account.

The Swedish star argued that the social media platform had become a “cesspool” due to people trying to take down others for virtue points, before his account went offline.

Instagram: @pewdiepie
The YouTube star passed over 102 million followers on his channel in 2019.

PewDiePie deletes Twitter account

The Swedish star has been on a roll this week taking corporations to task, first criticizing YouTube’s new harassment policy, and then uploading a seven minute essay explaining why he hates Twitter.

However, Pewds shocked fans when he followed up his video by removing his Twitter account without any warning, before re-activating it so that no one would take his account name.

“I don’t use Twitter, this account is just to prevent fake accounts,” his Twitter page currently reads at this time of writing, with all his previous tweets now gone.

Twitter: @pewdiepieThe Swedish star deleted his account after releasing a video essay criticizing twitter.

The last tweets made by the YouTuber before taking his account offline were pictures of mainstream media’s coverage of his announcement of his break from YouTube in 2020, which showed most outlets focusing on his past controversies.

Twitter: @pewdiepieThe last tweets PewDiePie made before taking his account down.

In his video essay uploaded to YouTube an hour before, the popular entertainer stated that he “hates Twitter” and argued that “virtue signaling” was the cause for the platform becoming awful.

“You get rewarded for saying things that make you seem virtuous, rather than acting on it. It explains why the site has become such a cesspool of opinions,” he said. “And how more often than not those that boast about being virtuous often through hiding are not. There are so many YouTubers I could call out.”

(Timestamp 00:06 for mobile users.)

PewDiePie continued to use his love of philosophy to explain why he doesn’t like Twitter, citing Aristotle, before he exclaimed “F**k Twitter!” and flashed a picture of the dictionary definition of virtue signaling to end his video.

This comes off the heels of the YouTube star revealing he was “tired” and had decided to take a break in 2020. The Swede seems worn down by the unpopular changes social media companies continue to make.

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