Why is the BTS Army feuding with KSI over his new album?

. 2 years ago
KSI, YouTube / Wikimedia Commons

YouTube star and music artist KSI has incurred the wrath of K-pop boyband BTS’ fanbase, who seemingly took offense to his pleas for listeners to stop streaming his new album, Dissimulation.

KSI’s first-ever solo album, Dissimulation, dropped on May 22, featuring a slew of tracks with features from top names in the rap industry, including the Migos’ Offset, Trippie Redd and even Jeremih.

As a potential reward for getting his album to the top spot on the charts, KSI promised that he would shave his head completely bald — but it seems that the YouTuber is attempting to walk back his words, seemingly distraught at the thought of having to shave off three years of hair growth.

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KSI’s Dissimulation wasn’t the only one vying for first place, by far, with BTS’ Suga dropping a solo mixed tape and The 1975 having also released a new album; but once KSI’s threat of shaving his head went viral on Twitter, he saw his music overtake both groups in a shocking development.

Panicked, the YouTuber took to social media to beg BTS’ fanbase (who call themselves the ‘Army’) to push Suga’s mixtape to the top — a feat he may have achieved with a unique strategy.

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“This is getting long now,” KSI Tweeted. “You 1975 and Agust D fans ain’t real fans smh. Please rile up your army and do better please.”

Needless to say, the British music star was instantly met with backlash from the Army, who were quick to roast him for his previous ‘New Age’ live tour.

“When you sell out Wembley stadium twice, then you can chat about ‘real fans,’” one BTS fan wrote. “Take a seat.”

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“Can this KSI s**t stop using BTS for clout?” another chimed in. “Like just go bald already no one gives a f**k, at least we don’t stop posting about Yoongi.”

KSI has since uploaded a video to Twitter discussing the situation, seemingly legitimately distressed about potentially losing his hair over his musical success.

For now, though, it seems like KSI is in the clear — but the war rages on between BTS stans and KSI’s own fans and friends, who seem bent on him making good on his promise that has now become a meme across the YouTube scene.

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