Billie Eilish goes viral on TikTok as fan criticizes her over Governors Ball medical kerfuffle

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Billie Eilish TikTok viral Governors Ball 2021
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Grammy-winning music artist Billie Eilish is going viral on TikTok after fans levied some criticisms against the star amid her performance at the 2021 New York Governors Ball music festival.

Billie Eilish is a major musical icon of this generation, and it’s no small wonder why. Gaining acclaim for hits like ‘Bad Guy,’ taking home seven Grammys, and even scoring an original song, ‘No Time to Die,’ in the upcoming Bond flick of the same name, Eilish is winning from all angles.

Coming fresh off her appearance at the 2021 Met Gala (in all her stunning, Marilyn Monroe-inspired glory), Eilish then performed at the New York Governors Ball music festival on Friday, September 24… but her set didn’t go off without a hitch.

Festival-goers were reportedly experiencing medical issues during the event and being escorted out of the venue before Eilish began performing onstage. One fan even claimed to have seen three attendees vomiting.

Billie Eilish calls out security guards at 2021 Governors Ball

Eilish later called out security during her set, saying, “Security! Why aren’t you paying attention? Like, for real? One job, please.” It’s unclear what exact situation she was referring to, and whether or not it was related to the aforementioned health issues among attending fans.

However, a viral TikTok filmed during Eilish’s performance could be shedding some light on the matter. The short clip, published by a TikToker named isabella, shows a few crowd members shouting for a medic while Eilish smiles and laughs on a big screen capturing the moment.

Viral TikTok criticizing Billie Eilish earns backlash

The TikToker speculated that Eilish thought she was being cheered on by fans, and wrote in the video’s caption, “Not Billie thinking we were cheering for her when we actually were calling for a medic. Love her tho.” The clip has made the rounds on social media, garnering over 1.7 million views on TikTok.

The clip itself has received its fair share of criticism, with commenters wondering how on earth Eilish could have heard the festival-goers above the din. Others lambasted the TikToker for filming while trying to hail a medical professional.

Luckily, it does seem that Eilish was well aware of certain issues happening during her performance, as evidenced by her comments toward the security guards.


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Despite the kerfuffle, Eilish dubbed the Governors Ball one of her “all-time favorites” via Instagram, making for a happy ending for an otherwise tense musical bash.