The internet is baffled after Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson made his rap debut

Georgina Smith
Dwayne Johnson performing in a music videoYouTube: Strange Music Inc

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson made his self-proclaimed “historic” rap debut in Tech N9ne’s song ‘Face Off,’ and clips from the verse have gone super viral on Twitter, with many confused by his latest endeavor.

Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock is a former professional wrestler, but he’s also become well-known for his acting career with starring roles in Fast and Furious as well as other franchises.

He’s had a hugely successful career across multiple industries, even appearing in several music videos, but now he’s taken that to the next level by making his self-proclaimed “historic rap debut.”

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On October 8, rapper Tech N9ne released his latest track ‘Face Off,’ featuring Joey Cool, King Iso, and non other than The Rock.

Johnson has a 40-second verse at the end of the song, and many were actually pretty impressed by his rap skills, calling it “iconic,” and saying they can’t stop listening to the track.

However, the clip of the star rapping also quickly proceeded to go viral on Twitter, and people were baffled by The Rock’s latest endeavor, to say the least.

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“Why TF is the rock rapping brah,” says one tweet with over 100,000 likes. Another user even quoted the video and added the caption: “The Rock just completing all the side missions in life now,” which got another 100,000 likes in its own right.

“Part of me is wondering why TF he doing this, but another part feels like he’s The Rock and therefore can do whatever he wants,” one user wrote, with people joking in response that nobody’s going to stop him.

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Johnson has been sharing videos of people reacting to his verse for the first time on his Instagram page, and it’s clear that even though some are slightly confused by this new twist in his career, others are actually kind of enjoying the track.

Whether he goes on to do more rapping in the future remains to be seen.

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