KSI collabs with TommyInnit in hilarious video and fans are going crazy for it

KSI putting a bike helmet on tommyInnitYouTube: Tom Simons

British YouTube stars KSI and TommyInnit teamed up once again for another collab with the former ‘teaching’ the Minecrafter how to ride a bike. In the aftermath, it seems as if fans can’t get enough of the duo’s antics. 

YouTubers collaborating with their fellow content creators has been happening forever, and while many try and keep to the same circles, there are plenty of unexpected crossovers that get fans really excited.

Minecraft star TommyInnit has been at the center of some of these unexpected crossovers in recent months, teaming up with Logan Paul for a podcast before ratio’ing both Dr Disrespect and Addison Rae.

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He’s also linked up with KSI on a few occasions too, and after their most recent collab – which had KSI ‘teaching’ Tommy how to ride a bike – fans just want to see more of the duo.

TommyInnit holds his YouTube Play ButtonInstagram: tommyinitt
TommyInnit has amassed over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, despite only being 17-years-old.

That’s right, their most recent crossover was all about KSI ‘teaching’ the Minecraft star how to ride a bike, with Tommy repeatedly calling him “sensei” and asking for tips.

Ultimately, the Minecrafter managed to keep his pedals spinning for long enough that they could deem the training session a success, and now fans want more regardless of what the video might involve.

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“This is actually funny lmao. Best collab ever,” commented one. “Seeing Tommy and KSI in one video is the happiest moment ever,” added another fan. “This duo is unstoppable!”

Naturally, some fans began rustling up ideas for future crossovers between the two, especially as Tommy brings out the ‘old’ KSI vibes. “This is the closest we’re going to get to classic KSI YouTube videos. Treasure this video,” commented one viewer.

The pair clearly get on and with them collaborating on a few videos already, it should keep happening as we move forward.

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