KSI & Logan Paul hit by Prime bottles during fan meet-up

Connor Bennett
KSI and Logan Paul ducking from Prime bottles being thrown at themTwitter: PrimeHydrate

KSI and Logan Paul had to be rushed off stage by security after a meet-up for their Prime drink saw fans start throwing bottles their way – even hitting KSI on the head.

When KSI and Logan Paul launched their Prime drinks brand back in early 2022, they were unleashing a behemoth onto the world. Their drinks have become incredibly sought after, especially in the UK where some stores have now labeled them as “security protected” to deter shoplifting. 

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Since that initial launch in the UK and USA, the pair have been on a bit of a worldwide tour, launching Prime in different countries across the globe. Their meet-ups in the UK, Australia, Spain, and beyond have seen stores and roads have to be shut down.

However, during their recent trip to Copenhagen to meet fans of the drink in Denmark, things took a bit of a turn as the pair were hit with bottles of their own drink.

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KSI & Logan Paul event ends in chaos as Prime bottles thrown

As they do with most of their launches, KSI and Logan held a rally with fans, giving out bottles and thanking them for backing the brand.

At the end of the meet-up, as KSI gave his signature rallying call sign-off of “Drink Prime”, the crowd started to douse them in Prime. It seemed pretty harmless fun at first as the two YouTube stars lapped it up as usual. However, despite the fun and laughs, a few bottles were ultimately thrown their way. 

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As a result, their security quickly rushed to cover the pair and move them away from the crowd as other bottles were still being tossed toward them. Logan ran away laughing, but KSI did get protection from security.

After it, KSI noted that he had been hit in the head by a bottle, but sort of saw the funny side of things. 

“That Prime bottle to my head was pinpoint,” he said, quote tweeting one of the videos of their event alongside a number of laughing emojis. 

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Both KSI and Logan appeared to get away from things without any injuries, and just ended up a little wet from the Prime, but it could mean that security is ramped up at any subsequent meet-ups that they hold.

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