Dillon Danis slams “cowardly rat” Logan Paul over lawsuit

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul side-by-side looking at cameraTwitter/Impaulsive

Dillon Danis has labeled Logan Paul as a “cowardly rat” over the lawsuit that has threatened to jeopardize their upcoming fight, saying he won’t be paying any money out. 

The beef between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has gotten extremely personal over the last few weeks as the pair are gearing up to finally fight in the boxing ring come October 14.

Danis has been posting photos of Logan’s fiancee Nina Agdal with other men – some being genuine photos of her with previous partners and others being outright fake. The YouTuber had stayed rather quiet on that, saying he wasn’t “fazed” by the mind games, but has since started firing back. 

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He went after the former UFC fighter in their face-to-face during the first press conference for the upcoming fight, calling him “not a real fighter.” There have also been legal threats too, with Agdal getting a restraining order against Danis due to the photos he has been posting. 

Dillon Danis hits out at “bully” Logan Paul

That lawsuit has put the fight in danger, at least according to Dillon, who claimed that they wanted him thrown in jail. Of course, that wasn’t the case. 

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Now, he’s gone after Logan again over it. “I’m gonna break Logan’s jaw into pieces. He’s a scamming coward. The audacity he’s the one to sue, sending lawsuit after lawsuit to me after all he’s done to people dead and alive. He’s a backwards c*nt, mark my words I’m gonna dance on this kids head,” he tweeted on September 12. 

“This isn’t about money. Logan bullies others and resorts to NDAs and lawsuits when things don’t go his way, like a cowardly rat,” Danis added in a follow-up tweet, making a further disparaging remark about Agdal as well as he claimed any money he forked out would go to charities.  

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The money he’s referring to is the $150,000 in damages that is sought in the lawsuit – which was filed by Agdal, not Logan. 

It remains to be seen if the legal issues with actually stop the fight from happening. The ImPaulsive host has drafted in former UFC fighter ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry incase things have to change.