TommyInnit is hanging out with Logan Paul and the internet doesn’t know how to feel

TommyInnit hangs out with Logan PaulInstagram: tommyinnitt / YouTube: IMPAULSIVE

Twitter is in an uproar after uber-popular Minecraft creator TommyInnit met up with YouTube star Logan Paul, causing mayhem, confusion, and excitement across social media.

TommyInnit is one of the most popular Minecraft content creators on the internet right now. Boasting over 10 million YouTube subscribers and 6.5 million Twitch followers, it’s safe to say that Tommy is arguably one of the faces of the collective Minecraft fanbase, alongside his contemporaries Dream and DanDTM, among others.

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The Minecraft community boasts quite a few die-hard fans who follow their favorite creators’ every move… so it comes as little surprise that the internet sort of imploded when TommyInnit began to appear in photos with another huge influencer.

That influencer is none other than Logan Paul, who has shifted from being the internet’s most-hated YouTuber to a professional boxer with his own NFT empire. Amid his redemption arc (of sorts), Paul even kicked off his own podcast, ‘IMPAULSIVE,’ and it looks like Tommy will be featuring in an episode of the series.

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Alongside appearing in group photos with Paul, a clip from the upcoming IMPAULSIVE interview made its way online, thanks to Logan — and it’s leaving the internet in hysterics.

Legions of the Minecraft fan base have weighed in with their take on Tommy meeting up with Paul and co., and seem to be equal parts excited, agitated, and downright confused.

“I’m seriously in distress,” one commenter said of the unexpected meetup. “Why are they with Logan Paul?”

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“Sorry, I can’t get over how awkward this photo is,” another chimed in. “Logan Paul is just standing there like his mum forced him to stand near the weird cousins for a photo for her Facebook.”

Still others noticed that TommyInnit has also hung out with KSI — Logan Paul’s former rival — making for yet another massive collaboration with one of the platform’s mainstream stars.

For now, fans will have to wait with bated breath until Tommy’s episode with Logan Paul comes on the air… but until then, these hilarious photos and video clips are giving viewers a lot to look forward to.

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