KSI clowns Kai Cenat & IShowSpeed’s song for having less streams than his

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KSI couldn’t help but take shots at Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed’s song, ‘Dogs,’ saying that his own latest release has gotten more streams despite only being out for a few days.

KSI is a man of many talents, being a YouTube star, influencer-boxer, businessman, and a rapper.

In fact, music is a major part of KSI’s career, and has seen him launch to the top of the UK’s Top 10 music charts and even score major collaborations with artists like Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.

Now, KSI has released his latest song, ‘Easy’ — but he’s doing something a bit different to celebrate its launch.

KSI takes shots at Kai Cenat & IShowSpeed over new song

It turns out that KSI isn’t the only influencer making music right now… not by a long shot. In fact, uber-popular streamers Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed teamed up in an unexpected collaboration to release their very first track, ‘Dogs,’ on April 27.

The song was met with mixed reviews from fans and fellow streamers alike, and it looks like KSI isn’t too hot on the tune, either.

In a May 22 YouTube video, KSI threw some not-so-subtle shade toward the pair while promoting his song ‘Easy.’ In fact, he compared the amount of streams his song had on Spotify over ‘Dogs,’ finding that his track had over 954k streams versus Dogs’ 887k — despite ‘Easy’ just releasing three days prior.

“Bro, it’s almost been out for a month and I have more streams in a week,” KSI said in mock shock. “There’s no way.”

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However, he was quick to give the streamers their props, noting that the ‘Dogs’ music video racked up well over 6 million views.

This is just the latest turn of events in KSI’s rivalry with IShowSpeed after KSI vowed “vengeance” against him when Speed beat out his monthly listens on Spotify last year.

Of course, this was all in good fun, as KSI and Speed have been buddies for some time now. In fact, the two even played at the Sidemen Charity football match last year. Is it possible we’ll see a musical collab from these two in the future?

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