Kai Cenat claps back after KSI roasts song with IShowSpeed

Kai Cenat TwitchTwitch: Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat has clapped back just a day after KSI roasted his ‘Dogs’ song with IShowSpeed, telling the British influencer to “stick to boxing.”

Back on April 27, Twitch star Kai Cenat and YouTuber IShowSpeed revealed their new song ‘Dogs’ alongside a music video uploaded to Speed’s channel.

Critics weren’t sure what to think about it, but the song has been streamed millions of times across Spotify and YouTube.

KSI jokingly threw shots at Kai and Speed’s song in a recent video, and now Kai Cenat has shared a few choice words from the YouTuber.

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Kai Cenat responds after KSI roasts song

In KSI’s video, he compared the amount of streams between his new song ‘Easy’ and Kai Cenat & IShowSpeeds new song ‘Dogs’ despite the latter being released weeks before his.

He quickly found that Easy has been streamed more than Dogs, and joked about being the better musician.

Kai responded shortly after during his stream on Twitch. “KSI, you’re a full-time musician and we’re just only 100,000 listeners behind you. We’ve only promoted the song once,” Kai said.

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“And me and Speed don’t give a f*ck about music, and we absolutely said bullsh*t on the track. You stood there and put your heart and soul on the notes and we’re still as close to you as ever.”

“We’re better. Stick to boxing buddy,” he continued before making a gesture with his elbow. “Oh wait. Stick to YouTube.”

The gesture Kai made with his elbow is in reference to KSI’s recent bout against Joe Fournier where he striked his opponent with his elbow right before the match was called.

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Shortly after he finished laughing, the Twitch star mentioned that he was just joking, making it clear that he wasn’t bothered by KSI’s comments.

Back in February 2023, the two collaborated on Twitch to make a small streamer speechless by gifting 200 subs.