KSI challenges Sneako to spar after Tate ban results in heated Twitter feud

Shay Robson

British social media star KSI is lashing out at fellow YouTuber Sneako following Andrew Tate’s controversial social media bans.

Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate has been banned from almost every social media platform at this point. In the past few months, videos of the former kickboxer have amassed billions of views across YouTube and TikTok.

Tate was banned largely due to his inflammatory and misogynistic comments regarding women. However, many of his fans, including 23-year-old internet personality ‘Sneako’ have jumped to his defense, claiming he has the right to freedom of speech.

On the other hand, the likes of KSI have spoken out against the kickboxer, where he even jokingly thanked god for banning Tate from social media. Now, Sneako and KSI are going back and forth over Twitter, and things are certainly heating up between the two.

KSI argues with Sneako over Andrew Tate ban

In a video on August 24, Sneako, despite being a fan since he was 10-years-old, called out the British star for supporting Andrew Tate’s ban – even though KSI has had similar controversies in the past.

“You’ve been cancelled so many times for doing Hesky time, the r*pe face, making fun of sexual assault victims, it’s what you were doing,” Sneako noted. “Now you’re celebrating the downfall of somebody else.”

“You’re just echoing what they’re wanting you to echo because you’re scared of getting cancelled again, so you’re siding with the elites. You’re siding with the programming because you almost got your sh*t taken away.”

He also referenced the most recent Sidemen Tinder video, which promoted adult creators to their young audience.

However, KSI was unphased by Sneako’s comments and revealed he doesn’t have the time for him. “You’re lucky that I ain’t got time for this,” he replied in a tweet.

From there, the situation escalated as Sneako hit back, arguing that KSI has no principles or character and saying everything is about clout for him.

KSI then retaliated: “Keep feeding bulls**t to your audience… Remember, I’ve been doing this way longer than you have,” he wrote.

Once again, Sneako replied by making a note that KSI stands for knowledge, strength and integrity, and quoted his comments that he was just “trolling” that he was thankful Andrew Tate was banned.

Things heated up even more when the British YouTube star called out Sneako to spar in the ring and test how “alpha” he really is.

“If you’re such a ‘Top G,’ if you’re such an ‘alpha’ like your daddy Tate, why not test that alpha? Let’s us have a little spar and see how manly you really are in person? You can talk that talk behind a screen but in the real world, you’ll act different I’m sure,” he said.

He continued: “But I’m guessing ‘violence is not the answer’ when it doesn’t suit you or your narrative. You can quote RT me as many times as you want. I guarantee that you will not get the ‘clout’ you crave for. You’re a piece of sh*t, and I tried helping you in a dms because I’m not fake.”

KSI tried to end the conversation with one final blow to the 23-year-old: “But as I can see, you’re truly just a man with 0 values,” he said. “F**k anyone over to be the main guy at the top of the ladder. Demeaning to women, demeaning to Islam, demeaning to people and their weight for your bubble. Your truth is a lie. You’re a trend that’s dying. Enjoy it for now.”

However, it didn’t end there, as Sneako tweeted, “What is real will prosper,” forcing KSI to reveal DMs between the two where he offered help and hoped that Sneako wouldn’t end up like Andrew Tate.

The heated argument finished shortly after that as KSI once again explained how he was joking about thanking god that Tate was banned from social media.

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