xQc further slams Andrew Tate’s “misogynistic” claims after heated Twitch debate

Following a heated conversation, Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is continuing to speak out against Andrew Tate’s “misogynistic” and “anti-woman” takes.

Whether you agree with him or not, Andrew Tate has been spreading across social media like a wildfire. With his controversial ideologies, many have spoken out against the 35-year-old former kickboxing world champion.

Among those include Twitch streamer xQc, who mocked Tate’s “insecure” and “anti-chad” takes. Surprisingly, the two got the chance to talk it out over a Discord call — which quickly turned into a heated debate. Ultimately, it seems as if the majority of viewers sided with Tate after the confrontation.

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Andrew Tate and xQcTwitch: AdinRoss
xQc and Andrew Tate clashed in a Discord call on July 14 thanks to Adin Ross.

However, the topic didn’t end at the call. During the beginning of xQc’s July 16 broadcast, viewers began provoking the French Canadian streamer for “losing the debate.” But, that doesn’t matter to the juicer, as he continued to argue his points.

“Guys listen, last time I bring this up. You guys won’t understand this, maybe some of you guys will understand this and you’ll look back on this and feel stupid,” said xQc.

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“A lot of his takes are legitimately actual misogynistic ways and thoughts and they’re very anti-woman takes and behaviors,” the streamer explained. “If everybody replicates those thoughts and behaviors in the general public without money or status or whatever, it is complete disarray right. It’s absolute chaos!”

xQc continued to add why he’s so passionate about the subject, and hit out at those that won’t speak up against Tate. “Once you understand that, you’ll understand that I have to go harder and I have to be involved in that discussion otherwise we won’t be able to disprove or have any sort of second guess of his thoughts.

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“That’s the problem with people that talk to this guy, they don’t go against his takes and they don’t go against his beliefs,” xQc told his viewers. “They don’t say anything, they just say yeah, they nod. What does Aiden do when he says his takes? They just nod.

“I’m not going to do that. I’m sorry man, I’m not going to let some guy that’s anti-woman go on anti-woman rants on the stream without voicing my opinion. If that comes out as me shouting, being mad, waving my arms around then so f**king be it. That’s my method of communicating sometimes.”

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While many still question whether Andrew Tate is putting on an act, at least viewers can rely on xQc to stand up against him and question his ideologies.

For those looking for a role model, the internet certainly isn’t the ideal place to be taking life advice from.

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