KSI defends Sneako after “stupid” sparring session with Bradley Martyn

Shay Robson

YouTube star KSI has defended Sneako after a “stupid” sparring session with Bradley Martyn.

Over the past few weeks, controversial internet star ‘Sneako’ has touched gloves with some of the biggest influencer boxers. While not in an actual fight, the 25-year-old has even sparred with the likes of Jake Paul.

Similarly, in a recent live stream, Sneako joined YouTuber Bradley Martyn for a gym session, where the two decided to go toe-to-toe with the gloves on. With a huge weight difference between them, as Martyn is clearly several weight classes above Sneako, the two decided to go at it for only a minute.

Within that time, Sneako was unable to hold his own, repeatedly being hit over and over, even chipping his tooth in the process, until eventually, a right hook knocked him to the ground.

KSI criticizes Sneako’s “stupid” sparring session with Bradley Martyn

The clip of Sneako being knocked to the ground went viral across the internet, and despite acknowledging his hate for the influencer, KSI couldn’t help but criticize it.

The YouTube star called the weight difference between the two of them “ridiculous” — adding that they should at least be wearing headguards for their safety.

“As much as I hate Sneako, this is pretty stupid from Bradley,” he wrote. “The weight difference between them is ridiculous. Should be wearing headguards at least.”

Previously, KSI and Sneako have gone back and forth over Twitter, where their feud certainly heated up as the British YouTube challenged him to spar to test how “alpha” he really is.

More recently, the hype has been building for Sneako to step into the ring properly, with fans calling for him to put on the gloves and face Sidemen member Behzinga.

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