Sean Strickland roasts Sneako after destroying him in sparring match

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sean-strickland-roasts-sneako-viral-sparring-matchYouTube: Sean Strickland / Instagram: sneako

Former UFC champ Sean Strickland eloquently roasted controversial streamer Sneako after annihilating him in a sparring match that took social media by storm.

Sean Strickland is getting into the business of influencer boxing — or rather, influencer MMA, after meeting up with divisive steamer Sneako for a sparring match in February 2024.

While Sneako is no stranger to combat sports training, having broadcasted in boxing gyms before, his ass was thoroughly handed to him after facing off with Strickland in the octagon.

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The streamer gained a bloody nose for his trouble and was thoroughly reamed online after footage from the session went viral… and now, it looks like Strickland is leaning into the memes after the fact.

Strickland SneakoRumble: SNEAKO

Sean Strickland roasts Sneako after viral sparring match

In a YouTube video posted after his spar with Sneako went viral, Strickland admitted that Sneako was a “respectable” guy for how much he’s accomplished in the streaming biz… but couldn’t help but take shots at his love life, referencing the infamous moment he admitted to watching his girlfriend supposedly get with another guy.

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“I don’t actually know who he is,” Strickland said. “But he’s a nice enough guy. I don’t know why he wanted to box me.”

“I know that he lets men partake on his women, or he has, and I hope he’s stopped that, and I hope that I helped him see the light with that. …I just try to do the Lord’s work. I just try to mentor these kids.”

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That’s not all; Strickland also claimed that his sparring match with Sneako came as a result of his supposed podcast with divisive commentator JustPearlyThings, who apparently asked Strickland if he would do a podcast with Sneako after footage from their conversation became “corrupted.”

“I was like, ‘I’m not doing a f*cking podcast with Sneako. I f*cking hate influencers, you f*cking know that. …but if you want, I will spar him, if he wants.”

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This isn’t Strickland’s last foray into influencer fighting, by far, as he agreed to spar with TikTok star Bryce Hall, warning the socialite that their fight might end with a “dead body.”

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