Andrew Tate clashes with KSI after claiming he “respects” him

Shay Robson
KSI and Andrew Tate shirtless next to each other

KSI has clashed with Andrew Tate after the controversial influencer claimed he respected the YouTube star.

KSI and Andrew Tate have had plenty of back-and-forth altercations. The two internet stars have even toyed with the idea of stepping into the boxing ring with one another.

It’s clear that KSI has some distaste for Andrew, publicly condemning the controversial kickboxer on several occasions. On the other hand, Tate’s Hustlers University reportedly even put a “bounty” on the YouTuber in an attempt to cancel him.

However, despite their history, Tate recently revealed there’s no animosity with KSI on his side, and even showed respect for the YouTuber.

Andrew Tate “respects” KSI for stepping in the ring

In a tweet on May 20, Andrew gave fans the chance to ask him anything, where one took the opportunity to ask if he actually dislikes KSI. Surprisingly, Tate admitted he doesn’t actually dislike the YouTuber.

“No. I don’t know him,” he answered. “He does some cringe bullsh*t but most ‘influencers’ who haven’t found god do.

“He talks a bunch of shit about me but again, I don’t care. Truthfully, I respect any man who steps into the ring.”

However, clearly, the feelings weren’t reciprocated, as KSI hit back with a meme which was captioned, “Nah the d**k eating is crazy.”

The cheeky response understandably changed Tate’s attitude, with him responding, “Ok I’ve changed my mind.”

“This is the difference between you and him. You show the respect and he will still be childish and act like he’s better then everyone,” one fan wrote, to which Tate responded, “Yes. He’s proved himself a clown.”

While KSI may show disdain towards Tate, his mother Yinka Olatunji left fans shocked after she seemed to be in support of the controversial influencer in a tweet earlier in May.

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