KSI explains why Austin McBroom fight isn’t happening yet

Georgina Smith
Austin McBroom next to KSI
YouTube: The ACE Family / JJ Olatunji

YouTuber KSI has explained why he isn’t able to fight the ACE Family’s Austin McBroom yet, despite naming him as the person he wants to step into the ring with next.

Influencer boxing has become a huge phenomenon over the past few years, with creators like Jake and Logan Paul beginning to make names for themselves in the sport. Though, the concept arguably became popular thanks to KSI’s fight with Joe Weller in 2018, and his subsequent bouts with Logan Paul in 2018 and 2019.

As a result of the immense popularity of those events, many other influencers decided to give boxing a try, one of which being the ACE Family’s Austin McBroom in his ‘Battle of the Platforms’ event which he was later sued over after fighters weren’t paid.

There has been talk about KSI and McBroom stepping into the ring together for several months now following back and forth trash talk. Those rumors were reignited in October when Austin implied he wanted to fight KSI in January. Though, it doesn’t look like it’ll happen.

Text on Austin McBroom's Instagram story
Instagram: austinmcbroom
Austin implied that he wanted to step into the ring with KSI soon.

On November 25 in a ‘Sidemen Google Ourselves’ video, KSI gave his thoughts on the situation as it stands.

In response to the question “will KSI fight again,” he said: “I want to fight again,” and went on to name Austin someone he’d like to go up against.

But when asked whether the vlogger is “ducking” him, he explained that he “just [doesn’t] have time to fight.”

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It looks as though KSI has a busy few months ahead with his tour, and it’s not clear when his schedule will be clear enough to train for a fight, but it certainly looks like there’s interest from both sides.

But those looking for more influencer boxing entertainment won’t have to wait too long, as YouTuber Jake Paul is set to fight Tommy Fury on December 18 in a highly anticipated bout.