KSI admits there’s no beef with new opponent Swarmz: “You’re just a replacement”

Brad Norton
KSI interview

With Alex Wassabi no longer in the main event, musician Swarmz has been called up as a last-minute replacement for KSI’s upcoming fight. Though despite the grandeur of the PPV and an expectation to sell out the O2 Arena, KSI has admitted there’s no animosity between him and his new opponent.

In light of Alex Wassabi missing the August 27 date with KSI, allegedly due to either concussion issues or a recently implied broken hand, English rapper Swarmz was locked in as a replacement.

With the fresh face lacking any notable boxing experience, many were quick to lash out the matchmaking, with KSI even agreeing that it’s an “L” in the short term.

Given the two remain in place as the PPV headliner, many would assume some beef between the former collaborators would add an element of intrigue to the fight. However, that’s not the case. In fact, KSI has admitted as much, claiming there’s no tension between the two whatsoever.

Having previously featured on KSI’s 2020 record ‘Houdini’, the two are certainly no strangers. But even now set to square off against one another in a boxing ring, it appears there’s no beef fueling the matchup.

“He just thinks he can beat me. That’s just it,” KSI admitted during an interview on the W.A.D.E. Concept channel.

“I think he posted saying ‘I know what [you’ve] done,’ and I’m like bro, what the f*** did I do? I don’t even know. What’s going on?”

Where there was deep-rooted anger for his previous opponent in Wassabi, the same evidently can’t be said for his new challenger. With no personal rivalry taking shape, the Sidemen star explained it’s purely just a fight to him and nothing more.

“We’re just fighting, that’s it. You’re just a replacement because [Alex Wassabi] pussied out,” he said.

As a result, KSI understands if fans are less eager to purchase tickets, order the PPV, and maintain interest. “If you wanna see, fine. If not, fine. I’m still doing it anyway,” he said in an August 7 Twitter thread.

Swarmz has two weeks left to prepare for his boxing debut as he steps in to face KSI on August 27.