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Kid Cudi slams TikTokers for taking out his lyrics for ‘Now look at this’ trend

Published: 13/Mar/2021 16:53

by Charlotte Colombo


Rapper Kid Cudi has called out TikTokers for ‘editing out’ the lyrics of one of his songs as part of a TikTok trend.

Cudi, real name Scott Mescudi, told his followers that he “doesn’t f*ck with what they did to my song on TikTok, taking out the lyrics.”

Although it is unclear who the ‘they’ Cudi is referring to in this Tweet, it is most likely aimed at TikTok user ‘Ukulele Guy’, who is credited as the creator of the now-viral TikTok sound. The sound, which includes the line “now look at this” from Kid Cudi’s 2008 song ‘Day N’ Nite, has been used in 282.8k videos on the app to date.


While the aforementioned line remains in the TikTok sound, the rest of the lyrics have been removed, leaving just the background beat. “We live in a strange time. I’m not flattered,” Cudi continued.

Some fans were sympathetic to Kid’s complaints, with one Twitter user saying: “It’s his art he created, he has a right to be kinda upset about it. It’s literally about depression and his sadness, and they take his lyrics out and changes the whole tone of it.”

However, others were confused by the rapper’s anger, with several fans pointing out that it’s “not that deep” while one Twitter user quipped: “Stop acting like a Kanye.”


In response to this criticism, Cudi further clarified his position, saying: “I dont think I’m makin it “deep” by tweeting how I feel.”

This isn’t the first time Cudi’s interaction with the TikTok world has confused people. His fans had previously expressed their anger that he thanked TikTok star Addison Rae for her birthday message to him, with one fan claiming that Addison “couldn’t even name five of his songs.”

What is the ‘Now Look at This’ trend?

The ‘Now Look at This’ challenge is one of the most popular trends on TikTok at the moment, with the tag #nowlookatthis having 949.1 million views altogether.


As part of the trend, TikTokers will lip-sync the lyric “now look at this before the video switches to something funny and/or bizarre, with the video usually involving animals.


No se por que me da risa 🧍🏻#fyp #fenelchat #foryoupage

♬ Now look at this . . . – UkuleleGuy

For example, one of the most popular videos to come out of this trend, which has blown up with 18.2 million views, is a post by user ‘’. The viral video shows a raccoon stealing cat food from a bowl while the stray cats look on.