JayStation threatens to sue YouTube for deleting his channel: YouTube responds

YouTube: ImJayStation

YouTube has responded to content creator JayStation after the YouTuber threatened to sue because both of his channels were deleted.

Jason ‘JayStation’ Ethier is one of the most controversial figures in YouTube history. The Canadian is best known for his prank videos, uploaded predominantly on his main channel, ImJayStation, which helped him accumulate over six million subscribers.

But these pranks were frequently accused of being in ‘bad taste’ with the YouTuber supposedly ‘talking to the dead’ and creating false conversations with deceased people like Mac Miller. But his channel was not demonetized until January 2020 after he faked his girlfriend’s death.

Since the demonetization was implemented, Ethier continued his content creation by uploading reaction videos on a second channel, 666. This channel was not demonetized and was originally shared between him and his girlfriend.

Youtube: ImJayStation
JayStation’s main channel was demonetized in February 2020.

JayStation YouTube channels terminated

On March 12 2021, over a year after the controversy over his girlfriend’s hoax death, Ethier announced both his channels had been terminated, and he was planning to take legal action over YouTube.

“This is not fair,” he said. “I make reaction videos now and it’s been so long.

“I’m going to sue them. Crazy. Anyways. I’m done. Nothing I can do now.”

Ethier claims YouTube banned him for circumventing demonetization on his main channel by posting videos on the second account.

“I didn’t even do anything wrong,” he added. “I made videos all year getting no controversy, changed my content to reaction videos I make in my room. They said I am circumventing demonetization but when this first happened they even said they are leaving my second channel monetized.”

Ethier published a farewell video via Twitter, where he claimed allegation of assault made against him by an ex-girlfriend had prompted YouTube to change tact. He strongly denied these allegations.

TeamYoutube encouraged Ethier to contact them privately to resolve any issues he still had.

“We sent you an email w/ details regarding your account being terminated for a Terms of Service violation,” they said. “Look out for that in your inbox. You can also respond directly to the email if you have any follow-up questions.”

At the end of his video, Ethier announced plans to create a new YouTube channel, but stated he would not show his face on YouTube ever again.

“I’m going to have a channel on YouTube, it’s going to be big,” he said. “But I can’t tell anybody and it’s not going to have my face.”

YouTube has not yet publicly responded to the direct threat of legal action made by Ethier.