Kick streamer terrified after monkey chases him during IRL stream

Shay Robson
Slightlyhomeless crouched down wearing multi-colored scarf

A Kick streamer was left stunned and terrified after being chased by a monkey during an IRL stream in India.

IRL streams have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Whether it be vloggers traveling all around the world documenting their adventures, or even a big streamer doing the occasional IRL broadcast, they’re certainly entertaining to watch.

Although, while they’re amusing for viewers sitting at home, they can certainly be dangerous for the creator. Throughout the years, we’ve seen some very close calls, with streamers finding themselves in bizarre or sometimes outright terrifying situations.

In this case, streamer Slightlyhomeless had to make a quick getaway as he began getting chased by a monkey while wandering the streets of India.

Kick streamer horrified after being chased by monkey

While exploring India, YouTuber and Kick streamer Slightlyhomeless encountered a monkey during his April 30 broadcast. The IRL streamer slowly began approaching the animal for a better look, before having to quickly dash away as it began chasing after him.

“Oh my, it’s chasing me,” the streamer screamed. “The monkey’s chasing me, bro, get the f**k away from me what the f**k.”

Thankfully, the monkey backed off after a couple of seconds and stopped pursuing him, although it’s fair to say the situation took the streamer’s breath away.

A monkey sat on grassThe monkey was minding its own business as the streamer slowly approached it.

Clearly shocked and a bit terrified, he said: “The f**k? Holy sh*t, holy f**k, the f**king monkey chased me,” while also gasping for a bit of air.

It certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen a streamer being chased, and it likely won’t be the last either. Although, typically, it isn’t animals chasing after them, but rather random passer-bys on the street.

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