IRL streamer flees in terror after being attacked by monkey while live

Jacob Hale
monkey attacking streamer in youtube livestream

A streamer was attacked by a monkey while live after he accidentally trod on its monkey friend, sending the streamer scarpering as they watched on.

Just Chatting and IRL livestreams are always home to some weird, wacky, or downright scary situations.

We’ve seen streamers robbed, with property stolen straight out of their hands while live, as well as being embarrassed by their chats while out in public.

Not only are humans unpredictable, however. Animals in livestreams are even more unpredictable and often provide some of the strangest content you’ll see on stream.

Monkey hits out at IRL streamer in self-defense

YouTube streamer TheRealMoisesB found this out the hard way during a May 18 livestream, while he and his friends trekked around Kathmandu, streaming their journey as they go.

As a pair of monkeys were simply traversing between them, Moises’ friend accidentally trod on one of them, causing them to squeal slightly in pain.

Much like humans, said monkey was immediately defended by their friend, who launched themselves at the man who ran away as soon as he realized he was under threat.

Timestamp 1:22:22

The two monkeys stayed where they were, watching their mystery assailant scarper off into the distance before walking off to continue going about their monkey business.

This isn’t the first time a monkey has had problems live on stream. Earlier in May 2023, one IRL Kick streamer was also left terrified after being chased down by a monkey.

Needless to say, if you’re a streamer traveling across Asian countries — or anywhere where monkeys might be roaming the streets — we would advise you to admire them from afar or risk a nasty battle that you don’t want to fight.