Twitch Streamer witnesses near-death mountain climbing fall while live

Carver Fisher
man almost falls off mountain

IRL Twitch streamer MeesterKeem was trekking up a mountain in Vietnam when a man in front of him slipped, tumbling down the trail and narrowly avoiding a fall that could have been fatal.

IRL Twitch streams are extremely popular. There are many streamers on the platform whose content consists almost solely of capturing their adventures traveling all around the world.

Vietnam has been a popular location for IRL streamers thanks to its beautiful vistas and culture, attracting people from all over the world. However, as was shown in a clip of a broken roller coaster captured in a Vietnamese amusement park, not every tourist attraction is safe.

In this case, someone was climbing the mountain in front of Twitch streamer MeesterKeem when he slipped and fell down the steep trail, narrowly avoiding a potentially fatal fall into spiky rocks or – worse still – a fall that could have sent him tumbling hundreds of feet down the mountain.

Man almost falls off mountain during Twitch livestream

MeesterKeem spent the day exploring Vietnam along with some other tourists, getting a full tour of a temple in Ninh Bình, and eventually decided to climb the rocky path up to Hang Mua Peak, a popular destination for tourists who want to see the stone serpents that lie at the top of the mountain.

Keem spotted a climber in front of him that decided to turn around when seeing the peak. However, when trying to turn around and go back down the path, he tripped and fell down the incredibly steep trail.

The streamer and his chat both had an immediate reaction of panic, worried that the man was going to fall down the mountain. Fortunately, he fell into what appeared to be the least spiky rocks out of the bunch, keeping him from going right off the side of the mountain.

The man was clearly shaken, but he appeared to have minimal injuries after the fall. Keem and another climber helped him get back on his feet and on his way down the trail.

MeesterKeem made it to the top of the trail and spent a few minutes at the peak, but was clearly worried about how hard it would be to get back down. He at one point considered taking off his shoes, saying that they were slippery and that he might have better luck with his bare feet despite the entire trail being laden with jagged rocks.

He made his way down from a different side of the trail, one that required him to grab onto a chain as he made his descent.

MeesterKeem climbing down mountain
MeesterKeem’s descent wasn’t an easy one

This certainly didn’t look like the safest trail in the world, but fortunately, both the streamer and the man who fell made it down okay. This isn’t the first time MeesterKeem has had a wild encounter on stream. During his time in Thailand, he managed to catch a pickpocket red-handed before they stole his wallet.