Twitch streamer chased through market after heated confrontation with shop owner

Reydempto chased by man in marketTwitch/Reydempto

A Twitch streamer’s day at an outdoor market in Amsterdam turned ugly after he was confronted by a music shop owner for filming.

IRL streaming has soared back in popularity in 2022 as the world finally recovers from global health concerns keeping people stuck indoors and unable to travel.

When most people encounter IRL streamers, it’s normally a fun process with the streamer explaining their job and the curious party learning a thing or two about Twitch or other platforms.

That wasn’t the case for Twitch streamer Reydempto when an angry shop owner was outraged that he was being filmed and absolutely lost it in a fit of rage.

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Shop owner freaks out and chases Twitch streamer

During the broadcast, Reydempto was checking out a collection of vinyl for sale when the shop owner began asking why he was filming.

“It’s my job!” the streamer explained, but was met by disapproval by the store owner who stated he “didn’t care” about Twitch.

Not one to take verbal abuse, Reydempto shot back, rhetorically asking, “who cares about your f**king records? F**k this cheap joint. Look at this, Soundgarden for 35 Euros. You’re out of your mind, man.”

While the streamer tried to get the last word in and left the scene, the store owner came rushing back to escalate the confrontation.

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“Livestream, f**k you!” he cursed, flipping the bird at the camera. F**k you!”

“Yeah, right back at you, dude,” the IRL streamer responded, finally getting away from the man.

Unfortunately for Reydempto, while he was away from the shop owner, another man in a wheelchair began following him, saying that he was being “ignorant.”

“All I did was take a look at some records, I would have bought some maybe, but that guy was a complete prick. I didn’t do sh*t, man! Stop following me.”

Afterward, on Twitter, the streamer addressed the situation and explained that he was never filming the shop owner to begin with and never even had him on camera until he was being chased.

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Luckily, despite having such a heated confrontation, the two never became physical. Regardless, for IRL streamers, it’s good to remember that some people never want to be filmed and could become very hostile if they think they are.