JakeNBake targeted by serial stream sniper CoolSlick in Japan IRL stream

Jakenbake Twitch IRL stream snipeTwitch: JakenbakeLIVE

Jakenbake was targeted by serial stream sniper CoolSlick while IRL streaming in Tokyo, Japan, and wasn’t exactly happy about being approached by him.

With some of the biggest Twitch stars providing more IRL content recently, stream snipers have been on the rise.

Most are relatively harmless, simply asking for an autograph or expressing their gratitude for their favorite streamer before going on with their day.

Serial stream sniper ‘CoolSlick’ is a bit different, as he’s stream-sniped quite a few creators in more than one country.

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JakenBake targeted by serial stream sniper

Back in mid-2022, Mizkif, Emiru, and other OTK members made their way to Korea for their first IRL streams in years. Just a few weeks later, Pokimane, JakenBake, and more did the same.

During the two different trips, a stream sniper by the name of ‘CoolSlick’ approached Mizkif, Jakenbake, and Pokimane explaining that he didn’t know the streamers very well, didn’t watch streamers, and just happened to be in the path of each stream.

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Mizkif quickly found out that wasn’t true, calling him out during a stream just weeks later. Now, CoolSlick has approached JakenBake while in Tokyo, Japan, and apologized for his actions.

“The hell, are you sniping? I don’t know if you should be sniping,” Jake warned. “Didn’t you say a bunch of crazy sh*t on Twitter? I remember a lot of people warned me about you so I’ve been very stand-offish.”

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“I regret all that stuff. I wanted to say sorry last time, this whole time I’ve wanted to say sorry,” CoolSlick revealed.

After accepting his apology, Jake was able to walk away from the serial stream sniper and his friend so he could continue his broadcast as planned.

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