Kick streamer attacked after stranger follows him demanding money

Josh Taylor
Kick streamer attacked by a stranger on a street in the Philippines.

A Kick streamer was attacked in the Philippines by an angry stranger who followed him around and refused to leave him alone without receiving money.

IRL live streaming has become immensely popular on Kick and Twitch since its introduction, as various streamers broadcast their everyday lives.

However, it has brought along with it many dangers found in normal life, which in this case have been broadcast live for all the world to see.

Pickpocketing has turned into one of the most frequent issues for IRL streamers, but so too has streamers being harassed and even assaulted by complete strangers while live.

This was the case for one Kick streamer, who was stalked and then attacked by an angry woman when he refused to give her money.

Kick streamer assaulted by angry stalker asking for money

Korean Kick streamer Kangjoel was live streaming on February 27 from the Phillippines, in which he was seen walking down a busy street at night.

A woman then approached the streamer and refused to leave him alone. He told her: “Don’t follow me,” to which she just carried on and kept asking him to buy her items from the shop or give her money.

As the situation escalated, she began holding onto him as he repeatedly took her hand off and kept saying: “Don’t touch me! No, don’t touch me.” After she just carried on, he said that “If you touch me I will call the police, okay I will call the police.”

She then was seen hitting him multiple times, including with the bag that she was carrying. Eventually, the stranger walked off down the street and left him alone, as he then called the local authorities to report the incident.

At the time of writing, Kangjoel has not provided any update in regards to the situation.

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