Inflammatory Kick streamer attacked again by fed-up Japanese local

Virginia Glaze

Controversial Kick streamer ‘Johnny Somali’ got choked out by a fed-up local in Japan who’d had enough of his racist comments — just the latest in a string of incidents surrounding the inflammatory broadcaster.

Kick streamer ‘Johnny Somali’ has become a controversial figure on the internet over the past month due to his behavior while traveling abroad.

The broadcaster is currently staying in Japan, where he streams his excursions into the country’s night life. However, his streams have sparked outrage from both netizens and Japanese citizens alike, as he often makes racist remarks while out in public and even harasses locals.

For instance, the streamer got confronted after making comments about Hiroshima and Nagasaki to people on a train in a clip that took social media by storm in late May.

However, his behavior isn’t going unnoticed… nor unpunished. In early June, Johnny Somali got smacked by a local who’d had enough of his comments, which, judging by the local’s retort, seemed to include racist remarks mentioning Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Kick streamer Johnny Somali attacked by fed-up Japanese local

Now, he’s gotten yet another beatdown — all of which was captured during his live stream. Over the weekend of June 10, Somali was streaming whilst out and about in Japan when a local came up from behind him and put him in a rear naked choke.

Somali was instantly caught off-guard and the camera went haywire before eventually blacking out. However, viewers could still hear the scuffle happening in the background, with Somali begging his attacker to “relax.”

This latest incident follows yet another ordeal where the streamer was confronted by a group of Japanese locals who rolled up on him at his place of residence in a moment that went viral.

Afterwards, it looks as though the broadcaster was introduced to the police, although it’s unclear if anything came of this altercation.

For now, Somali continues to stream on his Kick channel as netizens speak out in anger over his antics — but he’s not the only content creator kicking up controversy online. TikTok prankster Mizzy has also incited outrage due to his prank videos, leading to multiple arrests and even a two-year court order against him.

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