Kick mocks Twitch for banning Amouranth and BruceDropEmOff

Michael Gwilliam
brucedropemoff and amouranth banned on twitch

Kick is taking aim at Twitch after the rival streaming service banned two of its biggest names in the form of Amouranth and BruceDropEmOff.

The rivalry between Twitch and upstart Kick took another twist following the Amazon-owned platform’s most recent bans and Kick is using the suspensions to their advantage.

Earlier in May, Twitch banned BruceDropEmOff for the third time in 2023 and followed this up with a one-day ban on popular hot tub streamer Amouranth.

The bans come as Kick continues to try recruiting the world’s biggest streaming stars, and the service wasted no time in using this latest batch of bans to push for more content creators to jump ship.

Kick thanks Twitch after banning Amouranth and BruceDropEmOff

In a tweet on May 5, Kick posted clips of both Amouranth and Bruce discussing streaming and their choice of platforms.

The first includes a video of an interview with Amouranth saying: “I would give [Kick] a try for a certain amount of money, but I don’t think I would really go exclusive on there just because their reputation is really risky.”

The video then transitions to Bruce telling Kai Cenat he was “on Twitch for life,” claiming the platform “treats us f**king amazing.”

After both segments, Kick included screenshots showing their Twitch accounts banned and used this as an opportunity to hit out at Twitch in the process.

“They’re doing our job for us,” Kick captioned the video, seemingly thanking Twitch for the free promotion.

Although neither Amouranth nor Bruce has joined Kick yet, the latter did tell fans they “know what’s next” for Bruce after his latest ban, suggesting that a switch could be imminent.

We’ll have to wait and see if either streamer ends up moving platforms and what other big names Kick has recruited since first teasing some massive signings from stars on rival sites.

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