Adin Ross urges Kai Cenat to move to Kick following ban: “you’re worth more than that”

Kai Cenat and Adin RossKick: Adin Ross

Adin Ross has urged Twitch superstar Kai Cenat to make the jump to Kick after being banned from the Amazon-owned platform.

Adin Ross and Kai Cenat are undoubtedly two of the biggest streamers at the moment. On April 17, Kai followed in the footsteps of his peer, being hit with a Twitch ban that’s left fans puzzled.

Similarly, earlier this year Adin Ross was slammed with his eighth ban from the Amazon-owned platform, subsequently being permanent.

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Adin then jumped to Kick, signing the “biggest deal” yet with Trainwreck’s new streaming platform that has skyrocketed in popularity. Now, following Kai’s ban, Adin is calling for his friend and record-breaking streamer to also make the move.

Adin Ross urges Kai Cenat to make Kick switch after Twitch ban

After being banned from the Amazon-owned platform, Adin hit up Kai to discuss what he’s been doing, and try to persuade him once more to switch to Kick.

“How is it being banned,” Adin asked on FaceTime. “Um, you know it’s great man,” the Twitch star replied. “You know I’m just chilling you know what I’m saying? Just picking up phone calls and sh*t.”

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The Kick streamer then began to make his case, trying to convince Kai to switch over to the new platform — explaining he’s worth a lot more than what Twitch is offering.

“I know bro, listen man I just wanna say I saw that little thing that went out today, they said they made $20 million off you and you got two,” Adin said. “I just want to let you know you’re worth a lot more than that. And there’s a platform called Kick and they’ll never ban you, you’ll never get banned,” he assured.

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Adin continued: “You know Twitch did its thing, they gave you a platform and you grew on it and you became who you are today because of Twitch, but it’s time for better things, to move on because it’s a toxic relationship.

“They’re the type to spit in your mouth and beat you and do all of these things and ban you and kick you out, but Kick is a happy healthy relationship home.”

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Nonetheless, it’s clear that Kai is reluctant to make the move. “Listen to me, there’s no platform that I care about bro,” he said. “No platform can make me do anything! We are all bigger than every platform.”

For now, it’s unclear what Kai’s next move will be. Although, it’s certain that Kick would welcome him with open arms, with the platform even sending him a pair of custom OffWhite Air Forces to one-up Twitch.

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