Kentucky Derby brawl goes viral as fighter appears to lose an eye

Michael Gwilliam
viral bloody fight at kentucky derby

A nasty brawl at the Kentucky Derby is going viral after one of the combatants appeared to lose an eye during the bloody melee.

Fighting at sports events is a pretty common occurrence. From fisticuffs in the stands at hockey games to all-out smackdowns at high school basketball games, there’s no shortage of incidents.

However, one of the last places you’d ever expect to see a fight break out is the Kentucky Derby where everyone is dressed to impress and enjoy some horse-racing action.

In a video going viral on social media, a bloody brawl began to break out between spectators leading to one man even potentially losing an eye – pretty gruesome stuff.

Blood-filled fight breaks out at Kentucky Derby

In the footage uploaded to Twitter by ‘nofones,’ two men were already in the midst of a heated brouhaha with punches being thrown by both parties.

After the man with blood pouring from his eye landed a solid right to his foe, another individual joined in and fired back with a stinging right of his own, knocking the bleeding man back to be carried away.

At the same time, another man involved in the rumble had to be restrained, eventually leading to a woman in a yellow dress stepping in and slapping one of the combatants.

It’s not clear what started the ridiculous rumble, but users in the comments were concerned that one of the men lost an eye while others mocked the fancy-dressed attendees for getting so physical.

“Bro is missing an eye,” one user commented.

“All dressed up and ready to rumble,” joked another.

So far, the video has amassed over 1M views since being uploaded on May 7 and we’re sure that this won’t be the last time you see this crazy battle wind up on your social media feeds.

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