Smash Ultimate player assaults opponent after getting knocked out of tournament

Michael Gwilliam
daisy slaps mario in smash

A Smash Ultimate player has been banned from competing in future events after he assaulted an opponent at a tournament in Italy.

A sore loser in a Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament took out his frustrations on his opponent with a vicious slap caught on stream, sending shockwaves through the community.

The Italian Smash scene may not be the biggest in Europe, let alone the world, but it got the game’s community talking after a viral incident involving Daisy player‘Oro’ and his opponent ‘BestMario.’

During a recent tournament, Dehscension XII, BestMario steamrolled Oro 3-0 in Losers Quarters to send the Daisy player out of the event. Instead of shaking hands, however, Oro turned around and smacked BestMario in the face.

Smash player banned for slapping opponent after match

On January 15, the Italian Smash scene issued a statement condemning Oro’s actions and claimed he would be removed from all events going forward.

Following the slap, BestMario didn’t compete in his loser’s semi-finals match. It’s unclear if the slap itself rendered him unable to play or if he dropped out to help TOs deal with the altercation.

“Our priority is to care for and maintain a healthy and safe environment for every player,” the staff said.

Oro has since made his Twitter account private and has yet to comment on his actions. Meanwhile, BestMario doesn’t appear to have any social media accounts.

No one ever likes to lose, and while competitions can definitely get heated, attacking someone because they beat you just makes you a sore loser.

This is hardly the first time a Smash player has been banned from events. Last year, a player was banned from events after police arrested him for murder after he allegedly decapitated his mother.