‘Real-life Undertaker’ goes viral fighting off eight people in gas station brawl

Michael Gwilliam
Man fights eight people at once in viral brawl

A man is going viral for taking on eight people at once and winning in a ridiculous gas station brawl that has the internet comparing him to WWE star The Undertaker.

In a video making rounds through social media, one man was able to stand his ground while being jumped by eight others outside a gas station.

We’ve seen plenty of brawls throughout the years, but normally when there is a man advantage, it ends up being pretty one-sided. That wasn’t the case here, however, and that’s what makes this bout so special.

Despite having eight people teaming up, one man in a Hawks jersey was able to overcome the odds and is going viral in the process with over 7.9 million views since being uploaded.

Man fights eight people at once in viral gas station melee

The fight, uploaded by Fight Haven on Twitter, began in media rez with someone else throwing the first punch.

It’s not clear what started the fight, but the dude in the Hawks jersey was going to be the one to end it.

As multiple others joined in and circled the man, he was able to stand his ground, taking punches himself and throwing some serious bombs at everyone else.

At one point, the gang was able to take the big man down by jumping on him, but just like The Undertaker in WWE, he sat right back up and retaliate. This time, though, he’d need a weapon and found one in the form of a garbage can.

With his new tool, the man struck back, using it as a one-handed melee weapon, causing the group to back off and retreat.

The uploader even recognized the similarities to the WWE Hall of Famer, captioning the video “When you fight The Undertaker at WrestleMania.”

It’s not clear when the video was filmed or where it took place, but one thing is for sure, between this warrior and the Waffle House Avenger, 2023 is looking like it’ll be a prime year for combat antics on the internet.

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