Fans, cheerleaders and players fight in must-see high school basketball brawl

Michael Gwilliam
fight at hjgh school basketball game

A massive melee at a girl’s high school basketball game in Oklahoma is going viral after cheerleaders, players, and even spectators started fighting.

It’s not exactly uncommon to see fisticuffs at sporting events, especially when alcohol is involved, but a recent fight at a basketball game has the internet talking.

Earlier in February, the Star Spencer H.S. girl’s team lost their regionals match against Tulsa Central High and all hell broke loose.

Although what started the fight isn’t known, the action was caught on camera and you’ve gotta see it to believe it.

Basket BRAWL breaks out at high school

In video footage in the tweet below, around twenty people began squaring off, some with multiple dance partners.

While some in the crowd threw punches, others were trying to restrain the combatants, which seemed to only make the situation even worse and caused tempers to flare.

Players in jerseys threw haymakers, fans got involved and it seemed as if the cheerleaders were about to climb on top of each other and form a giant mecha cheering robot to squash everyone.

Almost comically, the footage even features an older gentleman in the front row seemingly just enjoying watching the madness unfold completely nonchalantly.

Seriously though, this rumble was wild and it’s a miracle no one got hurt when the Morris Police Department broke it up, according to KFOR.

“This was an unfortunate incident and does not reflect the values or sportsmanship that OKCPS expects of our students and fans,” Oklahoma Public School’s spokesperson said.

“OKCPS officials worked with Tulsa Public Schools and the OSSAA to investigate the incident.”

Multiple adults who were involved in the brawl ended up being banned from Tulsa Public Schools athletic events, but those bans will be lifted next year.

This is hardly the first multi-person battle we’ve seen this year. Recently, a man dubbed the ‘Real-Life Undertaker’ took on eight people at once at a gas station and a group of girls pistol-whipped a guy in a restaurant after he attacked one of them.