Kai Cenat roasts Logan Paul & KSI’s PRIME Lemonade flavor

Kai Cenat tries PRIME Lemonade for the first time. He's not impressed.Twitch: Kai Cenat

Twitch star Kai Cenat received a box of Logan Paul and KSI’s new PRIME Hydration Lemonade flavor… but it looks like he wasn’t a big fan of the summertime beverage.

It’s safe to say that Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME Hydration drink line has been a massive success ever since it first launched back in early 2022.

Now, PRIME has expanded from its modest flavor lineup to include a swath of new original tastes, on top of a line of flavor packets and even a lineup of PRIME Energy drinks.

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In May, PRIME Hydration unveiled a brand-new flavor for Summer 2023 — PRIME Lemonade. It’s already proven to be a popular hit with fans… but it doesn’t look like everyone’s crazy about it.

Kai Cenat roasts new PRIME Hydration Lemonade flavor

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat is just the latest personality to give his opinion on Logan Paul and KSI’s new drink flavor.

The broadcaster tried out PRIME Lemonade during a recent live stream, where he was unboxing a bunch of packages from fans and companies. One of those boxes contained a 12-pack of PRIME Lemonade, and he was anxious to try it out for himself.

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It turns out that Kai is quite the Lemonade connoisseur, claiming that he drinks a glass of the stuff almost every day. With a refined palate as his, fans were anxious to see if it’d pass his taste test or not… and it looks like it didn’t.

After carefully mixing the drink with some ice in a glass, Kai only had one word to say: “A**.”

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“Disappointed,” he continued. “A**. It’s actually a**. Bro, this is not lemonade, bro. This sh*t right here is not lemonade. I’ll keep it a stack. And KSI, you my mans. I love you to death. You should have called me for a taste test.”

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“What’s wrong with it?” he read aloud from his chat. “It doesn’t give lemonade!”

It’s clear that Kai isn’t here for PRIME’s new flavor — but he isn’t the only major content creator throwing shade toward the brand right now.

In fact, popular YouTuber ‘More Plates More Dates’ recently hit out at PRIME, claiming the beverage is “less effective for hydration than just tap water.”

Renowned chef Gordon Ramsey also didn’t seem to be a fan of PRIME, either, saying drinking the stuff was like “swallowing perfume.”

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