Gordon Ramsay savages KSI & Logan Paul’s Prime with brutal review

Gordon Ramsay holding bottle of Tropical Punch Prime Hydration aloftTwitter: Heart Radio

Gordon Ramsay left a pretty savage review on KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime Hydration after getting his first taste of the drinks phenomenon. 

It’s been just over a year since KSI and Logan Paul first launched their Prime Hydration drinks, and it’s been a massive success for the YouTube stars. 

The pair are rarely seen without a bottle these days, and they’ve been able to turn it into a sponsor for Premier League giants Arsenal, but not everyone has gotten their hands on it. In the UK especially, resellers have been jacking the prices up way beyond the usual £2 it should cost. 

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Despite the rise of resellers, plenty of popular names have been able to get their hands on it and give it a taste test. While a number of influencers are fans, Gordon Ramsay isn’t overly impressed. 

Gordon Ramsay reviews Prime and he’s brutal about it

The celebrity chef, who is known for his searingly honest reviews on cuisine, was given a bottle of Tropical Punch during a radio appearance and he wasn’t too keen on it. 

“Smells a bit high,” Ramsay said as he took a whiff from the bottle before quickly taking a sip. Though, it didn’t get much better. “Oh Jesus, it’s like swallowing perfume,” he added, before joking about giving it to other chefs. He even said he’d be “fired” if he served it at his restaurants.

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When asked for a rating out of 10, Ramsay scored it a zero, and he didn’t miss a beat in being so brutal with that score. 

Plenty of viewers agreed with Ramsay’s take, with a few calling it “overpriced” and “overrated” because of its YouTuber owners. 

Regardless of Ramsay’s score, plenty of fans are still keen to get their hands on it for the first time, especially as the new Prime Energy cans have started to roll out. Though, maybe a few will be a bit warier now.

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