Kai Cenat gifts 100 Twitch subs to small streamer but instantly regrets it

Kai Cenat TwitchTwitch: KaiCenat

Kai Cenat recently gifted 100 Twitch subs to a small streamer on the platform during his subathon, but he instantly regretted it after the streamer mentions recent viral clips.

On February 1, 2023, Kai Canat revealed the beginning of his month-long subathon dubbed the “Mafiathon.”

He’s purposely been attacked by dogs, went to universal studios with xQc, and passed 200k subs since the beginning of his stream.

During his February 23 stream, Kai found a small streamer to gift 100 Twitch subs to — but the celebration quickly backfired on the star.

Kai Cenat gifts 100 Twitch subs and instantly regrets it

Wanting to share the love with a smaller creator, Kai Cenat found Twitch streamer Mikeyluvs and decided to gift him 100 subs to his channel.

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That means Kai spent $499.99 on the creator, but the celebration quickly backfired for the Twitch star.

“OMG, Kai Cenat. It’s Kai Cenat. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wasn’t a girl just [doing sexual acts with him]? A girl was just [doing sexual acts with him] bro cut it out,” the small streamer said.

Kai was quick to react, turning off Mikeyluvs stream after his comment.

On February 23, now-deleted clips began surfacing on the internet with claims that Kai Cenat had a sexual act performed on him mid-stream.

Kai has since denied that anything was happening after deciding to address the rumors after noticing the clips were going viral.

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If there was an act going being performed, the Twitch star would be at serious risk of getting banned. If anything does happen to Kai’s channel, we’ll be sure to update you.