Kai Cenat becomes first African-American Twitch streamer to hit 200,000 subscribers

Kai Cenat subscribers headerInstagram: Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat has become the third streamer ever to reach 200,000 subscribers, this achievement also making Cenat the first African-American streamer to do so.

Kai Cenat has become one of the most popular streamers in recent years, with the content creator breaking milestone after milestone in what has become a meteoric rise.

And in another fantastic moment of growth, Kai Cenat has revealed that he has just hit 200,000 subscribers on Twitch, making him one of only three people who have ever achieved this. 

What’s more, this new milestone makes Cenat the first African-American streamer to hit the 200,000 subscriber count.

In his most recent live stream, Cenat and company can be seen reacting to a subscriber count, with the group then cheering and screaming out as the overall number ticks over the 200,000.

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It is unclear to really make out what Cenat is saying over the noise, however the excitement and pride he feels is palpable through the footage.

Kai Cenat reacts to hitting 200,000 Twitch subscribers

Cenat has always been a pioneer for his community and never been scared to sharing his feelings and frustration on how Twitch has failure to properly support African-American talent. “For so many years, people of my color, we’ve been unrecognized,” Cenat said after hitting 80,000 suscribers.

“I refuse for my community to go unnoticed…There’s not one time I’ve seen anyone in my community on the front page of [Twitch].”

Recently, many streamers have begun announcing and revealing their votes for who they think should win streamer of the year at the 2022 awards. With many notable figures throwing Cenat’s name around as the content creator who deserves to win the top prize.

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Just recently, Mizkif expressed his belief that Kai Cenat should be the streamer of 2022. During his stream, Mizkif explained how “Kai has not only elevated himself, he elevated an entire new community to Twitch. It’s just the truth, he f*** did. Kai has also done more content, puts in more work.”

Later going on to add that, “Kai actually is an entertainer, unlike a lot of streamers. You could actually put Kai into a room with somebody, and he’ll actually be able to make it entertaining when a lot of streamers would hurdle up into a ball and cry. The dude is an entertainer at the end of the day, he is.”

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Time will tell just how high Cenat’s subscriber count is able to get to but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as the number grows.

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