Kai Cenat brutally roasts xQc over Adept drama: “How about you get your McLaren back?”

xQc next to Kai CenatInstagram: kaicenat / YouTube: xQc

Twitch stars Kai Cenat and xQc got into friendly trash talk which resulted in a brutal roast for the latter, as Kai brought up the Adept situation. 

During a stream, both Kai and xQc decided to play a game of FIFA 23, but with a twist. A hundred gifted subs to the winner, totaling to around $500. The Juicer himself playing as Real Madrid, and Kai as Paris Saint-Germain. 

Kai won the match in a clean 2-1 fashion, which resulted in xQc closing the game immediately. Kai then proceeded to shove the win in xQc’s face, proudly thanking him for the subs.

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It then resulted in both of them one upping each other with fictional donations they received during that stream.  

“Holy S*** Elon Musk! With the $500,000 dono!” Kai said sarcastically. “Yo, Imdemo thanks for the $1,500,000 and the Buggati” xQc clapped back. 

It was revealed xQc accidentally sent Kai 1,000 subs instead of 100, totaling to $5000. xQc accepted the mistake, letting Kai keep the money. However, the back and forths eventually devolved into pure trash talk. 

Kai told xQc to go practice the game and then he can come back to be beaten again. xQc responded, “how about you get some b****es on your d***?”

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Kai brutally responded, saying, “how about you get your McLaren back buddy?”

xQc immediately left the call, not wanting to respond to the matter. 

Kai was referencing the recent divorce between xQc and his former partner Samantha “Adept” Lopez, and the fact she kept his McLaren in the divorce proceedings. 

The two have been embroiled in a messy breakup since Fall 2022. And their divorce proceedings have been aired publicly on several occasions, with heated arguments being aired live to be seen by thousands of viewers.

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