xQc proves he actually bought a $300k McLaren he can’t drive after fan doubts

Lawrence Scotti

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel showed off his brand new McLaren 720s Spider on stream, despite not being able to drive or owning a license.

On November 23, xQc revealed that he dropped a whopping $300,000 on a McLaren.

Despite showing pictures of the luxury vehicle to his viewers, some still weren’t convinced he spent that much money on a car he couldn’t even legally drive.

Now, he’s proven that he in fact did buy nearly half-a-million dollar car, leaving viewers stunned he pulled the trigger.

xqc-twitch-streamer-1200x675xQc is a former Overwatch-pro turned Twitch streamer.

xQc’s crazy car reveal

On December 22, the streamer took his broadcast mobile on his phone and went down to his garage.

In the garage was the light blue McLaren he had promised his fans he bought, confirming that he did in fact drop an absurd amount of money on his dream car.

He said, “Does it work?”, as he revved the engine of the vehicle in his solid red socks.

He let the engine run as he hopped out of the McLaren and raised the side doors, showing off just how impressive the car is. At the time he bought it he said, “I had to pull the trigger. I haven’t bought anything for myself in the past whatever years, dude.”

It’s too bad that McLaren will call the garage home for a while, as xQc still doesn’t have his license and cannot legally drive the car.

The streamer has shown off his driving capabilities on Twitch, which hasn’t gone so well.