Leaked divorce filings prevent xQc from discussing Adept split on Twitch

xQc & AdeptInstagram: adeptthebest

A leaked divorce filing between Felix ‘xQc’ Lengeyl and former partner Samantha ‘Adept’ Lopez has confirmed the Twitch streamer is legally barred from discussing the matter online.

The falling out of internet celebs xQc and Adept has been turbulent to say the least. While the two seemingly called off their relationship months ago, ongoing legal disputes have kept them both linked and, more often than not, in the public eye.

Despite xQc claiming he and Adept never officially tied the knot, leaked documents seemingly dispute the point, all but confirming they were married between August 2020 and October 2022. A legal split was requested around that time and now, it appears certain conditions within said filing have now spilled out online.

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Not only does this leak highlight various demands from the parties involved, but it also seemingly confirms a number of restrictions now imposed on xQc, given his very public life as one of the biggest personalities on Twitch.

xQc and Adept finally confirm Twitch relationship.Instagram: Adept
xQc & Adept were publicly in a relationship over the past two years.

Through a divorce document obtained and publicly examined by Henry Resilient on YouTube, we can clearly see Adept (Petitioner) and Lengyel (Respondent) had married back in 2020. The relationship formally reached its end in October 2022, with Adept then filing for a permanent injunction. In other words, a restraining order.

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“Respondent to be enjoined from taking any steps to stalk, harass, threaten, or otherwise intimidate Petitioner,” the document outlined. As a result, the obvious is in effect, with xQc unable to physically approach his former partner or contact her virtually. However, this restraining order also accounts for his presence online.

By court order, xQc is unable to “discuss the litigation on any social network profile (including but not limited to, on his Twitch stream or YouTube account).” Not only that, but it also means he can’t direct his legion of followers to do his bidding and harass Adept without directly getting involved.

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Another detail revealed in the document showed Adept seeking full compensation for associated legal fees. The hiring of attorneys, trial costs, and the like, are all to be covered by xQc.

Naturally, given the legal implications, xQc is clearly yet to address the authenticity of the leaked documents, and due to their nature, he’s unlikely to do so anytime soon.

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