Josh Richards dishes on Nessa Barrett drama: “Let’s all just move on”

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Josh Richards wants to leave nessa barrett drama behind
YouTube: Josh Richards / Instagram: Nessa Barrett

The drama surrounding social media stars Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards sent the entire TikTok fanbase into a tizzy — but it seems that Richards is ready for everyone to leave it behind.

For those out of the loop, four of TikTok’s biggest creators were involved in a drama-infused love quadrant that kicked off after Nessa Barrett released a music video alongside Jaden Hossler.

What’s important to note is that Nessa was seeing Josh Richards at the time, while Hossler was romantically involved with Mads Lewis.

Once Nessa and Jaden’s music video released, though, the two seemed to put their partners in the past and got together, leaving Richards and Lewis understandably feeling a bit burnt.

While plenty has come out in wake of the drama — including Mads Lewis claiming that Nessa Barrett had been shockingly rude to her before it all went down — Josh Richards is hoping to move on.

In a paparazzi interview with Pap Galore on April 21, Richards appeared to be quite above the recent relationship scandal, and is looking to move forward with his own life.

“Just like I keep ****ing saying on social media consistently, it’s just like, let’s all move on from it,” the influencer said. “You know what I’m saying? Everyone’s just trying to live their lives. Like you said, I’m doing a lot of stuff in the investing world and the production world and acting, and every world pretty much. I gotta focus on that. I can’t focus on the past.”

(Topic begins at 2:35)

That’s not all; when asked if Hossler had broken “bro code,” Richards gave a similar answer: “I’m just moving past it. They’re happy. Let them be happy, seriously. If they’re happy, let them be happy.”

As for his current relationship with Barrett and Hossler, Richards claimed that they are all “cordial” with each other — although Barrett might not hold the same sentiments, as some fans think she has dirt on Richards after she liked an Instagram post saying as much.


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For now, it looks like things have settled down among the four TikTokers after a weeks-long breakup that shook up the entire influencer stratosphere in a way that was only rivaled by the love triangle between Chase Hudson, Charli D’Amelio and Nessa Barrett a year beforehand.

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