Mads Lewis claims Nessa Barrett was mean to her before cheating drama: "Nobody wants you here" - Dexerto

Mads Lewis claims Nessa Barrett was mean to her before cheating drama: “Nobody wants you here”

Published: 14/Apr/2021 20:17

by Virginia Glaze


The drama between TikTokers Mads Lewis, Nessa Barrett, Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler came to a fever pitch after Lewis made an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast to spill all the tea from behind the scenes.

For those out of the loop, four of TikTok’s biggest personalities are embroiled in a tense relationship quadrant, with two parties being accused of cheating on their partners.

To give a quick rundown, Nessa Barrett was accused of being unfaithful to boyfriend Josh Richards after releasing a music video with Jaden Hossler, who had been dating influencer Mads Lewis off-and-on for some time.


After a few months of terse social media interactions between everyone involved, it seems that Jaden and Nessa have all but made things official — and Mads Lewis wasn’t too shy to speak out about her side of the story.

On April 13, Lewis appeared on an episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast to spill all the tea on what went down behind the scenes, claiming that Nessa Barrett hadn’t exactly been nice to her when things first started getting ugly during the summer.

When Lewis asked if she could go to the Hype House with Barrett (after an argument with then-boyfriend Hossler), she alleged that Barrett had the following response: “No. Nobody wants you here. Nobody likes you.”


That’s not all: During this time, Lewis alleged that Barrett had gotten together with Chase Hudson — and while she and Richards hadn’t been exactly official at that time, it certainly made him upset.


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Lewis then claimed that Nessa had asked her to take the blame for the incident, after friends had broken the news to Richards: “Your relationship with Jaden’s not gonna work out, so you better take the blame for me,” Lewis quoted. “You better say you got with Chase. Do it now.”

Lewis went on to state that she had also heard voice messages between Hossler and his manager on his iPad while he was away on a trip, which purportedly stated: “The feelings are mutual between you and Nessa. You just have to make sure you’re not with Mads. I’m so glad Mads isn’t coming. You just have to break up with her. …Hopefully you can pursue what you already started.”


Needless to say, the TikTok fanbase isn’t too happy about the circumstances surrounding Barrett and Hossler’s relationship — especially in wake of Lewis’ damning claims against them.