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Jon Zherka posts proof he was banned by Twitch for 3 months for no reason

Published: 29/Jun/2021 20:02

by Bill Cooney


Popular Twitch streamer Jon Zherka has apparently posted proof that his three month suspension from the site was for no reason whatsoever, just a few days after being unbanned.

Zherka finally had his account reinstated on June 26 after being mysteriously banned on March 20 earlier in 2021, and shortly after being locked out of the site he claimed it was for clicking on a picture of a girl in a bikini for too long. 

However, now an email from Twitch itself that Zherka posted to his Twitter account seems to prove that the three-month ban was for no reason other than a mistake by the streaming platform — something that seems to be becoming a common theme.


Jon Zherka Twitch stream before ban
Twitch: JonZherka
Zherka was off of Twitch for more than three months, and said his mental state suffered as a result.

“lol..” was all Zherka posted along with the screenshot of Twitch’s email explaining the reason he got banned for so long.

“Your account was blocked due to a mistake on our part. I’ve gone ahead and reversed this suspension on your account, so you’re free to use our services once again,” the email from an unnamed Twitch employee read. “Apologies for any inconvenience or confusion this might have caused.”

Despite having every right to be pissed about losing over 3 months of Twitch revenue and having to switch to YouTube, Zherka doesn’t seem too bitter or bent out of shape about the whole thing.


“This is just for the record that I did not get banned cause people don’t believe me,” the IRL streamer replied, indicating he didn’t post the screenshot to call out Twitch for obviously dropping the ball.

While he was still in limbo, Zherka went to YouTube as many Twitch exiles, like Dr Disrespect, have done in the past. While he was still producing content it wasn’t as frequent as his banned channel, and it was clear Jon wasn’t feeling at home.

Now that he’s officially back on Twitch though, the streamer and his fans can finally gather at his old channel once again. Hopefully, with no more mystery bans from the platform coming in the future, either.