ZLaner declines Twitch streaming offer so he can keep playing with Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect/ZLaner

Zack “ZLaner” Lane might be one of the most popular Warzone streamers on Facebook, but he’s also apparently a great friend — as he says he won’t even consider going to Twitch while searching for a new platform deal, because he wouldn’t be able to squad up and stream with Dr Disrespect.

The Two-Time being booted off of Twitch back in 2020 is the stuff of internet legends at this point, even if we still don’t know the actual reason why he was banned. On top of that, Twitch is also handing out warnings to streamers and events who simply feature Doc on their streams.

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Despite all this, Doc hasn’t let it slow him down and has branched out to play with plenty of streamers on other platforms that don’t hate him for unknown reasons. One of those compatriots is ZLaner, and he’s announced that — unlike Twitch — he won’t be leaving Dr Disrespect out in the cold.

zlaner and dr disrespect cosplay duoTwitch: Zlaner/MLG
ZLaner has even cosplayed as Doc (with approval, of course).

In a recent stream, Lane told his fans he would be co-streaming on YouTube and Facebook while he decided which platform he would eventually end up on.

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When a viewer asked if he would be headed over to Twitch, ZLaner quickly shot the idea down, because he would no longer be able to stream or queue up with the Two-Time.

“Currently, in the contract conversation with platforms right now with my agency and all that stuff, Twitch is not even on the table,” Lane explained. “I told my agency Twitch is not even on the table because Doc. I would not be able to stream with Doc.”

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Now that is some friendship you just do not see everyday anymore. Twitch is undoubtedly the largest streaming platform on the internet, but ZLaner didn’t even seem to think twice about what that would mean for his exposure or career by leaving it off the table to keep playing with Dr. Disrespect.

It’s not just that the two are good buddies and work well together either. A good portion of the Two-Time’s fans followed him over from Twitch, which means that Lane has had more exposure, and more channel growth, then he ever did before playing with Doc.

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“Doc isn’t the only person I stream with, but Doc is someone that has literally shined such an insane spotlight on me over the last little while, that I would be stabbin’ that man in the back,” ZLaner said. “He’s probably down for me to do whatever I want to do, but that decision was a no-brainer. Twitch is just off the table completely.”

Did you get a warm fuzzy feeling reading that too? Now that is some friendship, and makes us think the world could be a bit happier of a place if everyone had a ZLaner to their Dr Disrespect (or vice-versa).

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