Johnny Depp finally uploads on TikTok after reaching 1 million followers without a post

Dave Deiley
Hand holding a phone displaying the tiktok logo next to an image of johnny depp

Johnny Depp has finally joined TikTok, getting verified by the platform and hitting a million followers within 48 hours of being created — even without posting. Now, it’s all confirmed to be the film star with his first post.

Johnny Depp’s complete online omnipresence over the first half of 2022 has been impossible to avoid. His controversial trial against Amber Heard dominated Twitch, TikTok, and mainstream media outlets for the 6 weeks it was in process.

The actor has been tipped to appear in an upcoming ‘Pirates’ film, as well as bolstering a huge fanbase that watches him with an avid adoration.

Now he has started a TikTok account, reaching 1.1 million followers before posting his first video.

Screenshot of the johnny depp tiktok account
The account has limited information but cracked seven figures before the first post.

Though the account has a verified tick from TikTok itself, this was not a certain indicator that the account is actually owned and managed by Depp himself.

This wouldn’t be the first case of a celebrity copycat on the video-sharing platform. Tom Holland fell victim to someone capitalizing on his fame in 2021, with the account ‘TomHollandMedia’ also receiving verification before being ousted as a fake weeks later.

Without a single video posted in the account’s 48 hour existence, it wasn’t possible at first to confirm whether the 52-year-old actor  was actually utilizing this moment to join zoomers on TikTok.

Quickly putting an end to any speculation, Depp posted a video montage to the account underscored by a reggae backbeat. Featuring shots of fans outside the courtroom as well as clips of Depp playing guitar on various stages.

When starting his Instagram back in 2020, Depp was equally quick to confirm it was actually him, posting an 8-minute direct-to-camera video in “collaboration with dear friend Jeff Beck.”

In a moment of surreptiton, Johnny Depp is currently on tour with Jeff Beck in the UK, indicating the musician could potentially be the catalyst for both of Depp’s supposed adventures into social media spaces.

Since posting the video Depp has now rocketed to over 6 million followers on the platform with his first video being seen 9.5 million times in its first 12 hours.