Ludwig responds to criticism for using Depp vs Heard trial for “content”


YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren has responded to criticism from fans for using the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard court trial for “content.”

Over the past 6 weeks, both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard with their respective legal teams have been in the courtroom, as Depp sought out $50 million in damages for defamation as Heard accused him of abuse. In return, Amber countersued Johnny actor for $100 million.

The long legal battle went viral across social media and eventually came to an end on June 1, as Johnny was awarded $15 million, with Amber Heard receiving $2 million in compensatory damages.

However, YouTube streamer Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren has come under fire from his fans as he frequently watched and “used” the court trial for “content.”

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Ludwig (1)

In a YouTube video on his second channel Mogul Mail on June 2, Ludwig discussed how he received a message from a fan who was concerned about the way he used the trial for content. “I’m a 28-year-old woman who recently started watching you last year and I just want to say how let down I feel watching you and other content creators make a spectacle out of this trial,” the message read.

“I can’t argue with the last fact, I did use this case for content,” Ludwig admitted, who went on and shared viewer stats from his reaction stream to the overall verdict of the trial. The streamer revealed his most viewed stream on YouTube since his move to the platform in December was 85,000.

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However, his reaction to the verdict got him over 87,000 concurrent viewers, his most viewed stream on YouTube yet. “This is sad to look at for me,” he said. “This is embarrassing because I’ve put passion and work into projects like Mogul Money, the Poker event, and whatever else. And they were dwarfed by me being a vehicle in which people would consume a court case they would’ve watched anyway.

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“I was a vehicle, I did not stream this and add viewers to it, I really feel like I streamed it and absorbed where people would’ve normally watched it,” Ludwig added. “Maybe this is a little cocky, but out of all the vehicles you could’ve watched it in, this car wasn’t too bad. I feel like I did try to weed out the f**king weirdos who were so pro Johnny Depp that they wouldn’t even listen to the court case.

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“Maybe it was wrong for me to cover it at all, and selfishly I did grow from this and maybe that is a bad thing,” Ludwig admitted.

Additionally, he explained, he didn’t cover every day of the trial and was only trying to act as a beacon of information when it comes to defamation lawsuits – with him having a history of studying the topic when he was in college.