Johnny Depp wins $15m in Amber Heard defamation trial: Pokimane, Asmongold, more react

Alan Bernal
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The verdict has been reached in the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp defamation trial that’s taken the internet by storm – with plenty of streamers reacting to the widely publicized result. 

Both A-list actors have spent over 6 weeks with their respective legal teams going over every piece of evidence and testimonies from close friends and family.

People all over the internet have been engrossed in the proceedings as Depp seeks $50 million for defamation stemming from a 2018 Washington Post Op-Ed by Heard accusing her former partner of abuse.

Throughout the trial, Heard has further accused Depp of abuse and is countersuing the Pirates actor for $100 million.

Depp wins $50m trial against Amber Heard

The trial ended with the jury unanimously deciding that Johnny Depp had proven all elements of defamation by Amber Heard. Depp was awarded $15 million while Heard will get $2 million in compensatory damages and $0 for punitive damages.

The jury did find that Johnny Depp defamed Amber Heard – but it was through his attorney, Adam Waldman, and only in one of three counts.

The legal battle has spurned viral trends, turned some of those involved in the case into social media stars, and rallied support from thousands who are making their own assessment at home.

There was a long build up to the decision after the initial verdict did not include the compensatory damages for each claim, sending the jurors back to deliberate specifics.

But after another moment, they came back to the courtroom to deliver the final reading that sealed the case for Depp.

Amber Heard’s statement on losing Depp trial

Heard was disappointed to hear the verdict and believes that Depp’s lawyers succeeded in “getting the jury to overlook the key issue” of Freedom of Speech.

She says that the trial “ignored” the evidence that won them the defamation suit in the United Kingdom.

Depp’s statement on winning trial

Meanwhile, Depp was happy to hear the verdict and expressed his gratitude to his supporters who believed him from the start of the case.

As people were waiting for the decision, Depp was found at a pub in Newcastle where he’s made public appearances during the proceedings.

Pokimane, xQc, Hasan react to Depp v Heard

Now, the final verdict has been reached with Depp coming out as the victor in the contentious lawsuit that caused streamers like Pokimane, xQc, and Asmongold having their say.

Pokimane surprised by verdict

It was a winding road to reach a verdict, and it opened the eyes of many people like Pokimane who saw this result as a clear shift in how these cases could be handled later.

“That was an insanely, interesting trial… Guys, was that not crazy?” Pokimane said. “That was really interesting to follow. I guess after this verdict, my initial thoughts are that it might be a good thing to draw this line, essentially saying you cannot make claims to this extent without enough proof to take it to court. You can’t ruin someone’s career by speaking of them publicly unless that you can prove it occurred in a court of law.”

xQc in disbelief

Popular Twitch streamer, xQc was stunned to see how they jury awarded the victory to Depp.

The actor’s team managed to actually prove Heard had made some statements with “malice,” meaning to make a statement about someone knowing its false or by having a reckless disregard for the truth.

Asmongold pleased with verdict

Like many, Asmongold was surprised with how the jury deliberated in the Depp v Heard case. It sounds like he was pleased with the outcome despite how unlikely Asmon thought a Depp win would be.

Hasan on the nuance of Depp’s win

Hasan had a lot to say about the decision and was surprised that Depp earned his victory in the American courts despite his loss overseas.

Legal experts on the field called the trial “fair” as both Heard and Depp’s teams went presented their cases to the judge and juries.

Still, the case has been a big spotlight online with huge streamers on YouTube, Twitch and more giving their takes throughout.