Joe Rogan reveals simple personal trick to losing weight

Connor Bennett

Podcast giant Joe Rogan has explained the simple trick he uses when he wants to lose weight, and no, it doesn’t involve another crazy diet. 

As much as Joe Rogan loves to dive deep into MMA, conspiracies, internet culture, and everything else on the Joe Rogan Experience, he also loves to talk about fitness and health.

Over the years, the UFC commentator has left fans astounded – and sometimes worried – by his fitness regime and diets, especially whenever he talks about his carnivore diet or spending thousands on workout equipment.

The 54-year-old is in pretty good shape but whenever he finds himself feeling a bit on the heavier side, he’s got a simple way to get himself back on track again.

Joe Rogan 20 minute ice bath
Joe Rogan’s workouts and diets often split fans.

During episode 1816 of the JRE Podcast, Joe welcomed Gad Saad onto the show to talk about his own weight loss journey. Saad noted that he had managed to drop around 86lbs and then asked Joe about how he deals with losing weight and if he ever gets overweight.

“I’ve been like 5lbs overweight before… 10lbs overweight. And then, I always go like ‘you fat f**k’ and then I lose the weight,” Rogan explained, adding that it’s not a vanity issue, but just how he wants to keep himself.

“It’s a health issue. I work out, I do martial arts. If I’m fat, I can’t work out, but if I can, I feel it… it’s like I’ve put sludge in my engine. The fattest I’ve ever got is 207lbs.”

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As Rogan notes, he regularly trains in martial arts and has even competed in events before. So, he needs to keep the pounds off to be able to compete in his weight class.

It’s not the craziest thing he’s ever done to lose weight before, but, it’s a simple thing that keeps him ticking over and clearly works. As they say, starting is the hardest part.

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