Joe Rogan joins The Rock for workout despite accusing him of steroid use

Connor Bennett
Joe Rogan and The Rock sat opposite each other recording podcast

WWE legend Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson finally joined Joe Rogan for an insane workout and appeared on the JRE Podcast despite the host accusing him of using steroids in the past. 

The Joe Rogan Experience has grown to be the biggest podcast in the world thanks in large part to Rogan’s ability to score massive guests and have pretty insightful, and wacky, conversations. 

In his November 15, 2023 episode, he finally landed one of the most highly anticipated guests in the form of The Rock. Up to that point, the WWE Hall of Famer had not appeared on the show and had even been subject to claims from Joe of using steroids in his workout routines. 

Back in late 2022, Rogan somewhat urged Johnson to “come clean” as he was talking about the controversy surrounding the Liver King not being natural. Rogan and The Rock had seemingly been distant as a result of that, but things have changed. 

Joe Rogan & The Rock workout together despite previous steroid allegations

In fact, on top of having the Fast and Furious star on his podcast, Rogan also managed to get an insane workout in alongside him. 

“That was a blast. Dude that was three hours,” Johnson said during his JRE appearance.  “You and me, we had a f*cking banging workout. Then we did the sauna, we did the cold plunge, we did the whole experience.

“We did the sauna again. The cold plunge man… that was great. And I love what you’re doing down here by the way with the boys. Getting them down here, giving them the opportunity to get after it, not only their craft, but to get in shape.”

Rogan’s Instagram gave a little more insight into the workout, as he revealed they’d been joined by some of his friends, including comedian Shane Gillis. 

Now the door has been opened, who knows, we might get some future appearances from The Rock – especially if he changes his mind on running for President.

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