Joe Rogan backs Jake Paul to beat “terrifying” Mike Tyson

Connor Bennett
Joe Rogan and Jake Paul talking to camera side-by-side

Joe Rogan believes you can’t bet against Jake Paul in his upcoming fight with Mike Tyson, but says the 57-year-old still looks like he has “terrifying” power in his punches. 

Back in March, Jake Paul and Mike Tyson shocked the internet and boxing world when it was announced that they’d actually be fighting. The pair had, a few years ago, teased coming to blows but played things down by apparently demanding massive fees. 

They will finally be facing off in July, and they’ve both started dishing out trash talk in trademark style. Jake has said that one of them will have to “die” when the fight is all said and done, while ‘Iron’ Mike is urging the ‘Problem Child’ to not get cold feet before fight night

Despite Tyson’s historic boxing career, the 31-year age gap between them has seen the YouTuber-turned-boxer tipped as the favorite. Joe Rogan, who has praised Jake many times before, isn’t surprised by that but believes Tyson still looks like an incredibly scary fighter. 

“A legitimate boxer? Yes. People mocked me when I was saying that before but now I think people are coming around. The way I look at it, I say if this kid wasn’t a YouTuber, if he wasn’t some guy you know when he was 16 years old on YouTube and you just saw him box, and you saw him knockout former UFC champions, beat legitimate boxer, you’d say this kid can f**king fight. Nothing he’s doing looks wrong,” Rogan said during episode 2148 of the JRE Podcast.

“He’s fighting well, he looks good. The fact that he’s willing to fight Tyson, even if Tyson is 57, just the fact he’s willing to take a chance on Mike Tyson not being able to do what he used to do.”

Rogan told his guest, Sebastian Maniscalco, that Tyson “hasn’t lost everything,” and that’s clear from his training videos. 

“You see him hit those pads, he has not lost everything. He’s still not normal, but he’s still like a professional Heavyweight boxer. He’s still terrifying. You never bet against a 27-year-old fighting a 58-year-old.”

The UFC commentator hasn’t been shy in believing Tyson can get the job done, and has previously said he looks “terrifying” despite his old age. So, he’ll be an interested spectator on fight night.

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