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Joe Rogan fans concerned by his “dangerous” new workout routine

Published: 13/Nov/2021 16:24

by Connor Bennett


Joe Rogan fans have expressed their concern with the podcaster’s newest routine that involves him cold-shocking his body after swapping the sauna for a cold dip. 

While the Joe Rogan podcast often dives into some of the wildest and wackiest stories around, it’s the podcaster’s social media feeds that sometimes raise more eyebrows for fans.

He’s set the internet alight by just sitting in an ice bath for 20 minutes, shared some crazy fan tattoos of his own face, and dove into the gruesome side of some of his experimental diet plans.

Well, now, he’s shared his newest workout routine which involves Rogan spending 20 minutes in a sauna, then two minutes in the cold, before jumping back into the sauna. However, some fans are concerned.


Joe Rogan 20 minute ice bath
Instagram: Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan’s workouts and diets often split fans.

The UFC commentator shared his new routine on November 11, and had high praise for it. “When I’m heating back up in the sauna again, and I have my eyes closed it’s like I’m on a wild roller coaster. I feel like I’m flying,” Joe said.

Rogan also noted that while it provides a natural high, some doubt creeps in as well. “There’s also the very real thought while it’s happening where I’m like, “you know, there’s a strong possibility that this is bad for you,” he added.

While some commenters were quick to back the methods, some weren’t so sure. “This man will die in a sauna,” commented one fan. “That’s your blood pressure and it’s definitely dangerous,” added another. “It’s all fun and games until randomly one day you faint with no one around.”



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Some respondents noted that what he’s doing is a regular thing in Nordic countries, especially Finland, where you cold shock your body with the immediate reduction in temperature from leaving the sauna.

The method does carry some health concerns around breathing and blood circulation according to doctors, but it can also have its benefits in terms of helping with pain and aches. Though, it doesn’t look like Joe will be stopping anytime soon.